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HD Online Player (Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin Full Movie Hd)


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The story of the film revolves around a weakling named Sandip (played by Khan) who is mocked for his inability to achieve anything in life and is forced to prove his mettle as a young man by joining a gym to improve his physique. Sandip’s friend Anees (played by Bhatt) is a cardiologist who is ready to marry Sandip as per the wishes of his parents. However, Sandip and Anees keep on falling in love despite the objections of Anees's mother, who wishes for a young groom, and his father, a retired police inspector, who is averse to Sandip's low-income job in an old people's home. After impressing Sandip's father, Anees's parents agree to let him marry him. After the marriage, Anees’s mother and father decide to live with Sandip. Although initially Sandip’s parents show him no love, Anees and Sandip grow to love each other, but Sandip's parents are reluctant to accept it. Sandip’s parents arrange Sandip’s marriage with his sister's husband, who is a local magistrate. However, Sandip cannot afford to marry his sister's husband, and his parents eventually agree to let Sandip marry Anees. Sandip and Anees get married. After the marriage, Sandip and Anees move in to Anees’s house. Anees’s mother is initially reluctant to accept Sandip as her son-in-law. But the same is later accepted by Anees's father. Anees gets a promotion at his work, and Sandip becomes a lifeguard. Sandip earns more money, and thus starts building a bungalow. Anees also gets a promotion at his work. They love each other, and Anees and Sandip soon plan to have a child. However, before that happens, Anees gets transferred to another city, and is living there along with Sandip's family. During this period, Sandip builds the house, and a school is also built for Sandip's children. Anees and Sandip continue to live in this house, and do not hear from Anees. They soon realise that Anees cannot be with them any more. They decide to leave the house and live their own life. Sandip finds out that he and his children are to be ev




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HD Online Player (Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin Full Movie Hd)

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